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Pathumthani “ nuntamuneebumroong” school was founded by donation of Prakru Nunthamunee (Praramanmunee) the abbot of Bangluang Temple in 1933.
On 19 March 1933 The school was moved to Bangluangnork Temple. At first, the school offered three levels from Mathayom one to Mathayom three. It  obtained permission from the Ministry of Educational Affairs to offer educational programs for primary school students. Because of the transportation was unconveniently, some students had stayed at the temple and after they finished their education, they might study at Samlae temple.

In 1964, Mr. Mongkol Thoopkracharng, the principal at that time, tried to move to Sakae shrine by renting land for 5 rais, 10 years a time.

In 1974, the first building in 216 form was constructed.  The alumni’s president at that time changed the rental contract from 10 years to 30 years and could use the land in the opposite of the school around 12 rai 18 square wa to be the sport field.

On 2 October 1975, Prime minister M.R. Kukrit  Pramoch came to groundbreaking ceremony of the first building following the invitation of Mr. Charoon Kuwanon, the former alumni president.
In 1991, the school has successfully increased the level of four from Mathayom four to Mathayom six.

In 1992, the school was selected from the Educational Ministry to be the middle-size King’s reward school of Pathumthani province.

In 1993, Miss Praparlrat  Kochasena, M.6 student, was selected to be the King’s reward student and got the reward from H.P.H dhabaratanrachasuda.

In 2000, Mr. Bandith Khaochaturat, M.6 student, was selected to be the King’s reward student and got the reward from H.R.H Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

In 2003, The school was selected to be the pilot school for the middle-size school Learning Reform.
Students have been well received from communities around the school. Under the guidance of the school committee and school  members, the school is now offering three courses; science-mathematics program, Language-Arts program and general subjects for the forth level.

Symbol of school is Sattabongkoch Lotus with Sema on top, at the bottom, there is the half circle ribbon with name of school.

 Abreviated school’s name is N.N.

 Color of school is yellow and red.

Our stuffs

There are 59 persons in our school, 4 administrators, 1 director, Mr. Pichet   Lahoongpech and the deputy directors are Mr. Pongpanu  Patanapimpong, Mr. Somkiat   Barlla and  Mrs. Thammasorn Buasai, The persons are 55 teachers, 3 temporary teachers, 3 temporary officers, 2 drivers, 1 Junitors, 3 temporary housekeeper and 1 copier-person.
There are 831 students.

Pathumthani “ nuntamuneebumroong” school is located on a 37 rai and 75 squremeters area of land on the Tessabarn
 (municipality) 5 Road, Bangluang subdistrict, Mueng district, Pathum Thani province. It is about 5 kilometers from Lotus Pathumthani.

          About Foreign section
Pathumthani “Nnuntamuneebumroong” school’s Foreign department has 7 Thai teachers who teach English and one teacher who teaches Chinese. There are 2 Filipino teachers and one Chinese teacher. We use the cooperative learning to teach our students.  Students study by communicating in real and unreal situations.  Our stuffs try too much to help our students understand the way to speak, read, write and listen in the near future.


Our Mission
At foreign department of
Pathumthani “ Nuntamuneebumroong “ school .  
We believe in creating our students desirability characteristic of ……….

 Pay respect our nation religion and king.
Always be honest
Take discipline all the time.
Use sufficiency for living.             
Motivate students to love to learn, explore and       
Notice smiling faces going many places.
Use various resources to make opinions valued.
 Need to work attentively and to have public mind

Arrange by Mrs. Ratana Sai-ubol